Project 04: Dino
Rhythm Game Demo (In progress)
Next Steps
- fix bugs in animation
In Game Demo
Project 03:  The candy
Soft Sculpture
Arduino, servo, fabric
How would you feel if you reached for a candy and it began moving?
Startled? Scared? Amused? or Confused?
Using a little bit of robotics, an old dress, and a beating heart, The Candy will trigger different feelings among different people as it sneaks around the gallery hall when no one is watching --- partially alive yet imprisoned inside a cover.
Through my enduring relationship with engineering and comedy, I'm combining two disparate platforms to create a bizarre object.
What's is inside the wrapper?
Project 02: Feather
Interactive Sculpture
Conductive board, copper wire, paper clay, glass
Feather was my first project in the ILP program. It was related strongly to myself. It was about a little man falling from the sky because he had no feathers on his wings . He was laughed at and bullied because of his appearance.
The work includes two parts -- an interactive small sculpture and a painting behind. When you touch the halo of the little white man, it will generate random sound including kids laughing, bubbling, women yelling and pieces of words I write. The painting depicts a city-alley, clouds and temples.
I made the sculpture out of everyday trash, news- papers on the floor, brunches in the yard and glass pieces from my broken bowl.
I intended it to be sad, but because of its interactive nature and the overall atmosphere around it, people felt happy about it.
Project 01:  who gets home first
Maki Robot, ROS, Unity, Realsense Camera, 3D printing
This project is for children who have difficulties in verbal development. It is aim to help them with words and speaking abilities. There are two members in this group. I was responsible for the Unity programming part and also the visual development. 
In this project, children will learn new words together with a pre-programed robot Maki. The system will bring children into a fantastic world. In this world, a white cat names Mo was lost from his family a long time ago, and he missed his own family very much so he decided to find it.  On his way home he met a robot cat looks identical to him and the robot cat tried to come home sooner than Mo and take the place of Mo.
The children play the role of Mo, while the robot plays the role of robot cat. Players roll a dice to decide which square on the map they should landed. In each square, there is different prompts of story. Each of the players (children and the robot) needs to continue the story based on the prompts to get through the square. The system will record and determine the quality of the story. A good story can earn you extra steps on the map. The player who gets to the end first wins the game.
Basic Structure
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